• Cadely Paton

    Cadely Paton

    Transgender issues, tailored curriculum and mutual respect are the three main areas I wish to focus on if I am successful in becoming an MSYP. I hope that the young people of North Ayrshire can relate to these issues as I personally have found them to be a major part of my life. Being an MSYP will give me the opportunity to engage and converse with the many interesting and unique young people of North Ayrshire and take forward, with dedication, the many issues and concerns that blight them.

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  • Eilidh Macpherson

    Eilidh Macpherson

    Hi, I’m Eilidh Macpherson and I’m from Arran

    If I were elected as a MSYP, my main focuses would be

    • Help inform sexual health awareness in more secondary schools by opening consultations and so forth
    • Create a comfortable environment where young people discus LGBT relationships, consent and encourage young people to become further educated in this.
    • Listen to local young people and voice their needs, issues and concerns with sincere passion in parliament.

    As a young person who had also worked with MSYPs and many Youth Forum meetings before I am thrilled to undertake this opportunity to my full potential.

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  • Ellie Bonner

    Ellie Bonner

    Hi I’m Ellie Bonner from Arran If elected the main things I would like to change are:

    • Help set up social groups for young people with disabilities

    • Encourage schools to introduce things like sign language awareness

    • Take on local young people’s concerns and represent them

    I am outgoing and sociable, enjoying hobbies such as horse riding, badminton, and sailing. I take part in our local youth club with activities such as cooking, running and Friday night drop in. I am an active member of local youth forum. One of our recent successes was refurbishing our youth cabin.

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  • Emily Eadie

    Emily Eadie

    If I am elected, during my two year term as MSYP I will break the stigma around Mental Health to the best of my ability. I will have more awareness in schools and colleges on how Mental Health affects young people around Scotland, more support in school and I would like to have Mental Health first aid within schools and colleges. I will also try my best to made sure every young persons voice who is a member of the LGBTQIA* community is heard. Learning support is something that I think needs to be taken more seriously and I will try my best to make that happen. I would have more regular dyslexia test in place.

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  • Jocelyn Allison

    Jocelyn Allison

    I am a driven and confident young person with a passion for politics and making my community and a better place for young people to live in. As a MSYP I will work to end stigma around disabilities, end child poverty in North Ayrshire and improve the mental health of young people. I will improve job opportunities in North Ayrshire and keep food banks open. I’ll ensure that schools have better disability education and help to improve the quality of mental health services for young people. I believe I am the BEST candidate and will carry out all of my duties will enthusiasm and dedication.

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  • Pauline Airlie

    Pauline Airlie

    Bullying, LGBT and Youth Participation are the key areas I wish to focus on, all three issues can be linked in some way. If young people are aware and become involved then I believe that change is inevitable. I hope that, with hard work and determination, I can build on the current services and develop new and accessible services that young people require. If successful I will try my very best to fully represent the young people of Cunninghame North and North Ayrshire. Making positive changes can only be a good thing for the young people of North Ayrshire.

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  • Ruairidh Anderson

    Ruairidh Anderson

    Ruairidh Anderson – Bio

    I love sport. It helps build confidence, develop new skills, teaches you to work as part of a team and make new friends. I want to see sporting activities more widely available. I will work to set up a fund to assist young people to participate in sport and encourage schools to offer more choice.

    I will support the development of youth cafes run by young people for young people. They will also provide training and employment opportunities.

    I want to stop food poverty. I will work to ensure everyone has access to healthy, cheap food.

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