• Abbie Rough

    Abbie Rough

    I would like to be an MSYP because I am very passionate about helping the people in my area. I would love to make their day to day lives easier and more enjoyable. I am passionate about introducing things into the area that can help and support those in need.

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  • Amelia Bain

    Amelia Bain

    I would like to be an MSYP to empower young people in my community, and allow their voices to be heard. I also hope to grow my own confidence and learn to communicate as effectively as I can with other young people so that they can trust that the issues they care about can be improved. The local area is something I care about and I think I can help improve it for the people who live here.

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  • Donald Maclean

    Donald Maclean

    I would like to be an MSYP because I want to help to ensure that young people have bright futures ahead of them whatever the circumstances. As a young person myself, I know that there is a need for change in order to ensure that young people get the best shot at life they can. Before I had heard of MSYP, young people felt they had no one to speak to about their issues, or nobody would take them seriously. And this was the main driving factor that led me to stand for MSYP, because I want young people to...

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  • Jack Dudgeon

    Jack Dudgeon

    Having been your MSYP for the past two years, I know the change that the Scottish Youth Parliament can bring about through its campaigning work. I've achieved a lot for young people in Eastwood in that time, but my work is far from over - there's still so much that needs to be done on improving mental health services in Eastwood so we are no longer being failed by ridiculous waiting times, on public transport, so we can get to where we need to be for a fair price, and so much more. I want to ensure that the area continues...

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  • Riya Banerjee

    Riya Banerjee

    Young people aren't unengaged or uninterested in things going on in the world around us. They have valid opinions and deserve a voice in what affects all of our futures. The SYP gives us an amazing opportunity to make sure all young peoples' opinions are heard. That's why I want to be part of it, so that I can act in a political environment, where I am most comfortable, to represent all sorts of people's opinions. I want to make sure that when change happens, it is on our terms and in our best interests.

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