• Kira Henry

    Kira Henry

    I would like to become a MSYP so I could get involved within my community as I feel like it’s important to know what other people in the community are thinking and feeling. I would also like to include everyone in my area and have their voice heard so everyone has their chance to input their opinion. I’d like to try and create positive changes where I can with the help of those within my community.

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  • Marissa Roxburgh

    Marissa Roxburgh

    I would like to be an MSYP as I want to stand up and be a representative for other young people. I would ensure all our voices are heard as I believe that when we have the opportunity to share our views and influence change. I would try my hardest to make sure there are changes, such as making PSHE lessons more relevant to young people, they are implemented and they would benefit the young people I am representing. I would be focusing on improving the mental health services in my constituency if I have the support of my constituents...

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