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  • Alice Ferguson

    Alice Ferguson

    I have represented Linlithgow as an MSYP for the last two years and have found it to be an enormously rewarding, thought-provoking and truly meaningful experience. Being able to represent my constituents and their views to the best of my ability, on such a valuable platform, has been extremely worthwhile and important. If I was given the opportunity to represent Linlithgow for a further two years, I sincerley hope that I can be even more effective in my role to ensure my constituents have their voices heard.

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  • Dylan Hamilton

    Dylan Hamilton

    I would like to be an MSYP because I've been interested in activism and politics for a long time, and this is a good way to get involved. I have often felt that adults don't always care as much about the rights of young people as they should, and I've decided to take it into my own hands. This is a great way of letting people know what's important to us, having adults listen and take our views into account.

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